College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

About Us

Mason’s Coordinated Educational and Wellness Services (CEWS) provides interdisciplinary services to meet the mental health and educational needs of youth in the community. These services include cognitive and educational testing, psychoeducational assessment, and in the near future, counseling and literacy support.

The Cognitive Assessment Program (CAP) offers individual cognitive and educational testing and group-administered assessments to families. Fairfax County Public Schools recommends CAP to families in need of testing who are applying for FCPS’ Advanced Academic Placement programs. Parents may also utilize CAP services for private school admissions and to attain a more thorough understanding of their child’s cognitive abilities.

CEWS also offers comprehensive psychological and psychoeducational assessments to children and adolescents through our Comprehensive Assessment Services (CAS). Assessments provided by CAS are more comprehensive than those offered by CAP and typically are conducted when a child is experiencing academic, behavioral, or social/emotional difficulties. Parents seek testing at CAS to gain additional insight into their child’s presenting concerns and obtain specific recommendations developed for their family.

In the near future CEWS will include literacy support for children in the community as well as counseling services.