College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

Kindergarten Readiness Screening

Our Kindergarten readiness screening will provide parents and teachers with information regarding a child's current level of pre-academic, fine motor, and social development. Such information may be helpful for parents who are trying to make educational placement decisions for the upcoming year. This information may be particularly helpful for a child whose birthday falls close to the Kindergarten "cut off" date (currently September 30th for Fairfax County Public Schools).

Our goal is to provide high quality developmental screenings and assessments for young children and their families. Our examiners are highly trained and closely supervised graduate students from George Mason University's School Psychology Graduate program. The fee is $300 .

Screening Steps

  1. The parent(s) calls for an appointment (703-993-4200), and an evaluator is assigned.
  2. At the appointment, the tests are administered to the child and the parent(s) completes forms and checklists.
  3. Following the appointment, the assessment information is scored, analyzed. A written report is generated.
  4. In person feedback is scheduled to review the results of the assessments.